THE SUGHERIFICIO FRIULANO has been making corks for many generations (1894), using Portuguese cork only.

PRODUCTION DEPARTMENTS. All the working phases, dinking, grading, testing, lubricating, stamping and quality controls conforming to the latest relative laws, are done by qualified personnel using advanced equipment.

EXPERIENCE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT have made it possible for Sugherificio Friulano to develop a unique know-how for creating a new technology in the production of sparkling wine corks so that rings and granulate can be assembled at the same time.

ITS WAREHOUSES. The company is organised with warehouses stocked with corks ready for customising and subsequent treatment in order to meet its customers' requirements promptly.

SUGHERIFICIO FRIULANO IS SITUATED in the north-east of Friuli Venezia Giulia in the province of Udine, at a distance of about 23 km, in Bertiolo, Via Stradalta, 31 on the "Napoleonica" trunk road.